prof. Ing. Karel Janda M.A., Dr., Ph.D. - Konference

mezinárodní konference

2008 - Agrarian Perspectives XVII

2008 - The 5th Biennial Conference of the Czech Economic Society

2008 - The Annual Conference of the European Economics and Finance Society

2007 - 22nd European Conference on Operational Research EURO XXII

2007 - Central Europe in the Union and the Union in the Central Europe

2006 - 93rd Seminar of the European Association of Agricultural Economists

2006 - The Annual Conference of the Czech Economic Society

2006 - The Annual Conference of the Czech Economic Society

2003 - 59th Congress of the International Institute of Public Finance

2002 - Iowa Alumni Workshop, University of Iowa

2002 - Summer Symposium of International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium

2002 - The Annual Conference of the Czech Economic Society

1999 - Agrarian Prospects VIII, Czech Agricultural University

1999 - Conference of International Atlantic Economic Society

1999 - University -- Wide Research Forum, University of Iowa

1997 - Econometric Society European Meeting

1997 - Modelling of Agricultural Markets

1997 - Trade Policies and Structural Changes in CEE Countries, workshop organized by CEPR and IEWS

1997 - XIIth Congress of European Economic Association

1996 - XIth Congress of European Economic Association

1995 - Agriculture and Trade in Transition Economies: Policy Design and Implementation, University of California, Berkeley and CERGE-EI

1995 - Business Stimulation and Regional Development, seminar organized by Georgetown University

1995 - Transformation Strategies with Particular Reference to Capital Formation in Agricultural Cooperatives in Central and Eastern Europe, Godollo University and FAO UN

1992 - Joint Outlook Conference of Ministry of Agriculture of Poland and Economics Research Service of US Department of Agriculture

1988 - International Conference of Student Researchers in Economics

univerzitní konference

2004 - The Development of the Czech Society in the European Union

2003 - Czech Economy in the Framework of European Integration and Globalization

mezinárodní workshop

2008 - Economic Policy Institutes Network

2007 - Food Industry Dynamics


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