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402/07/0890 GA CR (2007-2009): Network Approaches to Economic Modeling

Principal investigator: doc. Ing. Tomáš Cahlík CSc.
Collaborators: PhDr. Jaromír Baxa Ph.D.
prof. RNDr. Jiří Hlaváček CSc.
PhDr. Petr Švarc
PhDr. Natálie Švarcová Ph.D.
Description: Project is concentrated in fundamental research of networks, both in interdisciplinary topics and in economic topics. In the interdisciplinary research we want to seek solutions for following problem: some evolutionary patterns in networks are explained with an endogeneously given advantage of some nodes. We want to make this advantage endogenous - our hypothesis is that this advantage has its origin in the structural position of agents in some parallel network. In the research in economics we want to solve following problems: A) Formulation of network models of economic systems and simulation of the dynamics of those models. B) Sensitivity analysis of those network models with respect to diferent parameters and the analysis of the evolution of rules themselves, that is the learning of agents. C) Recommendation for economic policy based on networks models. D) Search for "basic laws" for the dynamics of networks.
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Finance: Czech Science Foundation (GA ČR)
End date: 12:2009

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International Conference on Economic Science with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents, 2009

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