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402/93/0683 (1993-1996) Privatization process in the Czech Republic

Principal investigator: † prof. Ing. Michal Mejstřík CSc.
Description: The project covered wide group of factors of privatization process including macroeconomic and institutional consequences and opening of capital markets. Wide group of researchers both from IES and CERGE-EI UK, IMF etc. participated. The research quality was reflected by publication of resulting book by LUWER Academic publishers in Boston in January 1997.
Participation: V.Benáček,M.Černý, J.Fanta, J.Hlaváček, J.Kubín, L.Mlčoch, Z.Tůma, L.Urban, M.Vošvrda, J.Mládek, A.Dervis, R.Laštovička, A.Marcincin, J.Stíbal,A.Zemplinerova,A.Bulíř
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Finance: Czech Science Foundation (GA ČR)
End date: 1/1996

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Model of Producer in the Climate with low Solvency of Agents.

Privatization Process in Czechoslovakia in the Beginning of 90 's.

The Initial Economic Environment for Privatization

Transformation of the Centrally Planned Economy to the Market Economy in Czechoslovakia and in the CR


10th Annual Congress of European Economic Association 1995

IIASA Workshop on Enterprise Behaviour in the Condition of Economic Reform

the Fifth World Congress for Central and East European Studies 1995

the International conference on The Competitive Position of East European Banking Systems 1995

The Seminar of economic department of University Pantheon Sorbonne 1994


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