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GAUK 910 915 Analysis of Czech Hospitals: Cost Efficiency & Impact of User Charges on the Amount of Inpatient Care Provided

Principal investigator: PhDr. Jana Votápková Ph.D.
Collaborators: Ing. Monika Martišková
PhDr. Lenka Šťastná Ph.D.
Description: The project will consist of two parts. The first part will estimate efficiency of general hospitals in the Czech Republic, using parametric and non-parametric methods on an unbalanced panel of 99 Czech general hospitals in the period 2006-2010. We aim to obtain reliable determinants
of hospitals inefficiency, including both individual hospital characteristics and regional characteristics. In contrast to previous research in Procházková & Šťastná (2011), we will include DRG adjusted data to account for severity of cases. We will conduct a comprehensive analysis in order to guarantee a considerable robustness of results.

In the second stage of the project, we will assess the influence of user charges in the Czech Republic on the amount of inpatient hospital care provided, namely the number of patient days. We will apply the difference-in-differences methodology on a panel of 99 general hospitals in 2008-2009. We argue that the hospital's decision to reimburse user charges constitutes a natural experiment. The decision to reimburse patients for user charges applied, without any discrimination, to all hospitals under the control of the Social Democratic (CSSD) regional governments in the year 2009, and was unrelated to other hospital's characteristic. Our control group will be hospitals where patients could ask for reimbursement. Treatment group will cover hospitals where it was not possible to get reimbursement. The base year is 2008. In the model we will also account for heterogeneity of hospitals. The explanatory variables will include individual hospital characteristics, regional characteristics of the hospital, as well as a dummy variable acknowledging that the hospital is situated in the region where there is at least one hospital where patients could get reimbursement. We will carry out robustness checks of the results, including a standard multivariate panel data analysis.
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End date: 2013

Efficiency of hospitals in the Czech Republic

Efficiency of Hospitals in the Czech Republic: Conditional Efficiency Approach

Efficiency of Hospitals in the Czech Republic: Conditional Efficiency Approach

The Abolition of User Charges and the Demand for Ambulatory Visits: Evidence from the Czech Republic


12th Annual International Conference on Health Economics, Management & Policy - ATINER 2013

7th Biennial Conference of the Czech Economic Society

XIII European Workshop on Efficiency and Productivity Analysis - EWEPA 2013

October 2023


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