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Centralization Trade-off with Non-Uniform Taxes

Author(s): doc. PhDr. Martin Gregor Ph.D., Peter Tuchyňa
Type: IES Working Papers
Year: 2005
Number: 81
Published in: IES WP 2005/81
Publishing place: Prague
Keywords: Decentralization, Local Public Goods, Distributive Politics, Political Economy
JEL codes: H40, H70, H72, P51
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Grants: GACR 402/05/H510 Ekonomická teorie politických trhů IES Research Framework Institutional task (2005-2011) Integration of the Czech economy into European union and its development
Abstract: When local public goods are provided by a centralized authority, spillovers may be coordinated, but heterogeneity in preferences may be suppressed. Besley and Coate (2003) have already solved this classic trade-off for a uniform tax regime. Here, we extend their approach by allowing for a non-uniform tax regime. We find that centralization with our tax system necessarily increases welfare in comparison to uniform-tax centralization. Importantly, with non-cooperative legislators coming from homogenous districts, our centralization dominates decentralization for any degree of spillovers. In other cases, it at least improves odds of centralization, if measured by utilitarian yardstick.
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