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Changing Social Status of Pensioners and Prospects of Pension Reform in the Czech Republic

Autor: doc. Ing. Jiří Večerník CSc.,
Typ: IES Occassional Papers
Rok: 2006
Číslo: 2
Publikováno v: IES Occassional Paper 2/2006
Místo vydání: Prague
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Abstrakt: The changing social status of pensioners is described and structured according to stylized periods. First, we identify the salient features of the communist regime that shifted pensioners to the margins of society. Second, we attempt to trace how the position of pensioners changed as a result of the democratic transition, which empowered pensioners as voters and which ultimately led to their rising relative income. Third, we review the recent debate about pension reform – which, as an unresolved issue, has entailed the maintenance of the status quo – and pensioners’ swing towards the left. Fourth, we consider the possible impact of current reform proposals on the future income of pensioners. In conclusion, we stress the importance of bringing children back into the pension system and increasing the activity rate of older persons.
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