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Česká úvěrová podpora zemědělství: analýza prvních deseti let

Author(s): prof. Ing. Karel Janda M.A., Dr., Ph.D., Martin Čajka
Type: Articles in refereed journals
Year: 2007
Number: 2
ISSN / ISBN: ISSN 1802-4696
Published in: AUCO - Czech Economic Review
Publishing place: Prague
Keywords: agriculture, credit, multiplication effect, government support
JEL codes: P32, Q14, Q18
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Grants: 402/05/2123 (2005-2007) Efficiency of Financial Markets and New Basel Capital Accord (NBCA)
Abstract: The paper is dealing with the credit support to the Czech agriculture provided by Supporting and Guarantee Agricultural and Forestry Fund (SGAFF) during the ten years period since the inception of its activities in 1994 do the year 2003 which preceeded to the Czech entry into European Union (EU) and accession to the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU. SGAFF guaranteed relatively stable inflow of commercial bank credit for agriculture provided according to the market determined allocation, which is considered as an opposite to the administrative decisions. We evaluated the multiplication effect of the credit support which shows that one monetary unit allocated from the government budget to the support of agricultural credit secured commercial credit in the range of 3–5 monetary units.
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