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O.Kyn,J. Slama,Mejstrik M.,V.Benacek, J.Hlavacek et al., Declaration of the independent economists:Economic transformation-strong and weak side , Lidove noviny,1.1.1992

Author(s): † prof. Ing. Michal Mejstřík CSc., O.Kyn, J.Slama, V.Benacek, J.Hlavacek, A.Bulir, J.Kosta, P.Pelikan, Z.Tuma, P.Zahradnik, A.Zemplinerova et´al.
Type: Others
Year: 1992
Published in: Lidove noviny,1.1.1992, EconWPA in its series Development and Comp Systems with number 0511004
Publishing place: Praha
Keywords: transformation Economic Systems
JEL codes: O,N
Suggested Citation: O.Kyn,J. Slama,Mejstrik M.,J.Hlavacek et al., Declaration of the independent economists (in Czech), Lidove noviny,1.1.1992, reprinted EconWPA in its series Development and Comp Systems with number 0511004
Abstract: This is in support of the governement program of transformation from the Soviet-type economy, to the free market economy in Czechoslovakia after the fall of Communism. The basic lines of the government program, that was outlined by Vaclav Klaus, are defended against the leftis criticism that favored either market socialism or the so called 'Third Way'. On the other hand the statement says that 'the current transformation strategy has several is apparent that the Government realizes some of these but, under political pressure, continues in the wrong direction.' Among the weaknesses the following have serious negative implications: (1) insufficient attention to the development of small and medium enterprise; (2)'two years after the velvet revolution in the whole of Czechoslovakia, small privatization created only about one tenth of the desirable number of small private enterprises.' (3)'the prohibition of secondary market in privatization vouchers.' (4)'a timid attitude of politicians, Governments, and Parliaments toward foreign capital.' (5) ' the lack of support to the development of banking, tax, and legal institutions. ' The statement was supported by 14 representatives of the economic profession.
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