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Selective Attention in Exchange Rate Forecasting

Author(s): prof. Ing. Evžen Kočenda Ph.D., DSc., Svatopluk Kapounek, Zuzana Kučerová
Type: IES Working Papers
Year: 2020
Number: 42
Published in: IES Working Papers 42/2020
Publishing place: Prague
Keywords: exchange rate; selective attention; news; forecasting; dynamic model averaging
JEL codes: F33, G41, C11
Suggested Citation: Kapounek S., Kučerová Z. and Kočenda E. (2020): "Selective Attention in Exchange Rate Forecasting" IES Working Papers 42/2020. IES FSV. Charles University.
Abstract: We analyze the exchange rate forecasting performance under the assumption of selective attention. Although currency markets react to a variety of different information, we hypothesize that market participants process only a limited amount of information. Our analysis includes more than 100,000 news articles relevant to the six most-traded foreign exchange currency pairs for the period of 1979–2016. We employ a dynamic model averaging approach to reduce model selection uncertainty and to identify time-varying probability to include regressors in our models. Our results show that smaller sizes models accounting for the presence of selective attention offer improved fitting and forecasting results. Specifically, we document a growing impact of foreign trade and monetary policy news on the euro/dollar exchange rate following the global financial crisis. Overall, our results point to the existence of selective attention in the case of most currency pairs.
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