PhDr. Jana Votápková Ph.D. - Publications

Articles in journals with impact factor

2021 “Top-Three” health reforms in 31 high-income countries in 2018 and 2019: an expert informed overview, Health Policy

2019 Efficiency of Hospitals in the Czech Republic: Conditional Efficiency Approach, Journal of Productivity Analysis, Vol. 51 (1), 73-89

2016 The Abolition of User Charges and the Demand for Ambulatory Visits: Evidence from the Czech Republic, Health Economics Review

2013 Efficiency of hospitals in the Czech Republic, Prague Economic Papers

2013 Institutional Efficiency of Selected EU and OECD Countries using DEA-like Approach, Prague Economic Papers

Articles in refereed journals

2020 Comparison of different approaches for estimation of prevalence of type 2diabetes mellitus in the Czech Republic,

2017 Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in the Czech Republic – Estimating Prevalence Based on Consumption of Pharmaceuticals and Their Costs, Ekonomie ve zdravotnictví

Chapter in book

2021 The Czech Health Care System, Baltagi B H, Moscone F (eds): The Sustainability of Health Care Systems in Europe (Contributions to Economic Analysis, Vol. 295), Emerald Publishing, 2021

2010 Institutional Quality in: Competitiveness of the Czech Republic 2010 - Development of the Main Indicators, Prague, Linde, 2010,

2009 Country Profiles - Latvia, Lithuania, and Romania in: Zápal et al (2009). Health System Financing in the EU: Current Practice and the Ageing Challenge. Prague, Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Health, Czech Republic

2009 Institucionální kvalita in: The Competitiveness Yearbook of the Czech Republic 2008-2009, Praha, Linde, 2010, CES VŠEM

IES Working Papers

2020 The Effect of Inpatient User Charges on Inpatient Care, IES Working Papers 11/2020

2017 Health Status as a Determinant for Pre-Retirement Savings, IES Working Papers 10/2017

2016 Determinants of Generic Substitution in the Czech Republic, IES Working Papers 05/2016

2014 Efficiency of Hospitals in the Czech Republic: Conditional Efficiency Approach, IES Working Papers 31/2014

2012 The Effect of the Abolition of User Charges on the Demand for Ambulatory Doctor Visits, IES Working Papers 30/2012

2011 Efficiency of Hospitals in the Czech Republic, IES Working Papers 2/2011

IES Occassional Papers

2017 Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in the Czech Republic: Prevalence and Association with Individual Costs, IES Occassional Papers 01/2017

2015 Health Care Efficiency in the Czech Republic – Evidence for Inpanient Care, IES Occassional Papers 02/2015

Article in collection

2007 Bringing up Baby – The Real Costs of Parenthood, in: Kubátová, J. (ed.) Collection of Contributions from the International Conference Economic Knowledge for Market Application, Palacky University


2011 Myant, M., Drahokoupil, J.: Transition Economies - Political Economy in Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, ch 11-15, Academia,

2011 Paul A. Samuelson, William D. Nordhaus: Economics, 19th Edition, ch. 10-20, NS Svoboda,


2018 Determination and Prediction of Costs of Patients Suffering from Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Metodika certifikovaná MZ ČR

2015 Czech Republic: Health System Review, Health Systems in Transition

2015 Financial sustainability of the Czech health system, Eurohealth




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