Martina Jašová - Publications

Articles in journals with impact factor

2021 Policy uncertainty, lender of last resort and the real economy, Journal of Monetary Economics

2018 Credit-based early warning indicators of banking crises in emerging markets, Economic Systems

2014 Fiscal Councils and Economic Volatility, Czech Journal of Economics and Finance

2014 Measures to tame credit growth: are they effective?, Economic Systems

Articles in refereed journals

2012 From Credit Boom to Credit Crunch: Effectiveness of policy measures in Central and Eastern Europe, International Journal of Business, Economics and Law

IES Working Papers

2015 Banking crises in emerging economies: can credit variables work as early warnings?, IES Working Papers 27/2015

2012 Measures to tame credit growth: are they effective?, IES Working Papers 28/2012


2016 Exchange rate pass-through: What has changed since the crisis? , BIS Working Paper No. 583

2016 The inflation process , BIS Paper No. 89c


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