Mgr. Barbora Gregor - Publikace

Články v impaktovaných časopisech

2021 The Effect of Financial Leverage on Operating Performance: Evidence from the Czech Republic, Prague Economic Papers 30(4), pp. 381-401

2021 The Performance Determinants of Trading Companies: A Stakeholder Perspective, Journal of Competitiveness 13(2), pp. 152-170

2021 Time-Varying Pricing of Risk in Sovereign Bond Futures Returns, Accepted in Finance Research Letters

2016 Forecasting the term structure of crude oil futures prices with neural networks, Applied Energy 164, pp.366–379, preprint PDF

Články v recenzovaných časopisech

2022 Shareholder Value Generation within the Agro-Food Financial Supply Chain, AGRIS on-line Papers in Economics and Informatics

IES Working Papers

2021 Forecasting Sovereign Bond Realized Volatility Using Time-Varying Coefficients Model, IES Working Papers 19/2021

2020 Time-Varying Pricing of Risk in Sovereign Bond Futures Returns, IES Working Papers 7/2020

2019 Realized Moments and Bond Pricing, IES Working Papers 11/2019

2018 Volatility Term Structure Modeling Using Nelson-Siegel Model, IES Working Papers 17/2018

2015 Forecasting the Term Structure of Crude Oil Futures Prices with Neural Networks, IES Working Papers 25/2015


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