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Norwegian economic policy and the Government Pension Fund

Author: Bc. Karasová Renata
Year: 2008 - summer
Leaders: doc. Ing. Karel Půlpán CSc.
Work type: Bachelors
Language: Czech
Pages: 62
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: This bachelor thesis is engaged in Norway’s economic policy after the year 1973. Above all it targets the main sources of revenues of the country which are the oil and gas industry. In introduction I describe the situation of Norway and its economy before the year 1973, so the period when Norway doesn’t dispose of huge revenues from oil and gas industry yet. After that the paper is targeted on the export potencial with the view of its most significant komponent - the oil industry. The paper is gradually coming to the Norwegian Petroleum Fund which exists from 1990 and which is known as the Government Pension Fund from 1.1.2006. It’s main task is to deposit surplus of large oil revenues in order to ensure sources for future generation. Currently the Government Pension Fund is the second largest sovereign wealth fund in the world.


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