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The Economy of the Family

Author: Bc. Filip Vančura
Year: 2009 - summer
Leaders: prof. Ing. Lubomír Mlčoch CSc.
Work type: Bachelors
Language: Czech
Pages: 49
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Abstract: This paper considers a current evolution in field of the family involving its causes and consequences, especially low birth rate in all the advanced countries. A contribution of Gary S. Becker´s approach is presented too. He seeks to find out a theory, which is able to describe the desicion-making in the family. Sociologic approach is used in this paper as well. Because the sociologic aspect is not restricted in opinions due to assumptions and occasionally is able to come nearer to reality. Reasons of current unfavourable situation are awarded primarily to governmental intervention and economic setting, which is the cause of family´s inability to subserve the reproductive function in these days. Some possible solution of present situation is suggested too.

Downloadable: Bachelor Thesis of Vančura


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