Work detail

The Shadow Economy Analysis in the Czech Republic

Author: Bc. Petr Filipec
Year: 2011 - summer
Leaders: doc. Petr Janský Ph.D.
Work type: Bachelors
Language: English
Pages: 59
Awards and prizes: B.A. with distinction from the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences for an excellent state-final examination performance
Abstract: The paper contains of two main parts. First one is focused on presenting a theoretical
background considering the shadow economy. It provides definitions, causes,
consequences and methods to estimate the informal economy. In second part we
present estimates of the size of the shadow economy in the Czech Republic from
1990 to 2009 using Kaufmann - Kaliberda and currency demand approach. We also
analyze the obtained development of the shadow and overall economic activity.
According to currency demand method results the size of the informal economy
decreased from 18.4% to 14.2 - 15.7% of official GDP over the period 1994 to 2009,
but it stagnates in constant prices. Hence, the development of overall and official
economic activity does not differ significantly. Kaufmann - Kaliberda method results
turned out to be implausible because of the construction of this model.
Downloadable: Bachelor Thesis of Filipec


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