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Czech Allergology and Clinical Immunology: Utilization and Provision in Space

Author: Mgr. Lucie Blechová
Year: 2016 - winter
Leaders: Mgr. Michal Paulus
Work type: EEI & EP
Language: English
Pages: 107
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: The present thesis focuses on Czech allergology and clinical immunology by studying this
branch of health care in a geographic variation framework while using methods of spatial
econometrics. This has been the first work with such focus. District-level data on care
provision and utilization in 2012 are used. It is found that there exist geographical differences
between provision and utilization and that the geographical distribution of allergists and
clinical immunologists does not correspond to population's needs. Care utilization is modeled
using a spatial autoregressive model specification. Based on this model, it is concluded that a
shortage of physicians in the majority of districts actually limits care utilization. Also based
on the utilization model, there is a discussion about the potential need for policy coordination.
Care provision cannot be modeled using explanatory variables that are available, therefore,
future data collection is necessary. However, it was found that variables influencing the need
for care by patients do not influence care provision per physician.




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