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Analysis of costs of patients with diabetes 2 in the Czech statutory health insurance system

Author: Bc. Magdalena Škodová
Year: 2018 - summer
Leaders: MUDr. Pavel Hroboň
Work type: Bachelors
Language: Czech
Pages: 64
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: This thesis examines costs of type 2 diabetes for health insurance companies and
occurrence of this disease in Czech Republic. Diabetes mellitus is a serious chronical
disease, the prevalence and treatment costs of which have raised over last few years all
over the world, while capturing a large part of expenditures of health systems. The aim
of this study is to introduce particular methods that may be used to identify individuals
with diabetes from available datasets and subsenquently analyze the expenses from the
view of Czech health insurance companies. Studies published to date does not seem to be
relevant anymore or they examine a small sample of patients. The thesis should provide
accurate and actual information since it uses datasets from 2015 provided by health
insurance companies and data containing individual costs of policyholders. In order to
identify diabetics two approaches are used – diagnosis and various quantities of drug
consumption of typical pharmaceuticals. The study implies that the costs of the treatment
of diabetes fall between 19 and 44 billion CZK annualy depending on applied method.
The analysis also suggests that the average costs are rising along with higher age of
diabetic and these costs are more than 2-fold higher when compared to common
population. In reaction to discovered discrepancies in current system, author provides
some possibilities how to improve it. Furthermore, the results of this research might help
to specify the amount of drug consumption, which is currently used as one of the criteria
for setting the amount of funds, which is redistributed to health insurance companies
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