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Wage Discrimination in US Sports: Comparative Analysis

Author: Bc. Dmitrii Ivantsev
Year: 2019 - summer
Leaders: PhDr. Radek Janhuba M.A., Ph.D.
Work type: Bachelors
Language: English
Pages: 57
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: The issue of salary discrimination in the US sport has been a controversional topic, largely
dscussed in the context of racial discrimination in American society. Numerous papers written in
this field in the previous years investigated each of the US Major Leagues separately. This thesis
provides a comparative analysis of wage discrimination in the Nationall Basketball Association,
Major League Baseball and National Football League. The data on players’ contracts for all
leagues were collected based on 2015-2018 unrestricted free agents’ signings with a different
sample of players for each specific year. We created five unique datasets for the comparative
analysis, including one NBA, two NFL and two MLB related samples, where the MLB datasets
represent batting and pitching players, while the NFL samples refer to the players on the offensive
and defensive positions. For the estimation of players’ productivity, we considered the average
performance statistics in three years prior to the first contract year. By adding dummy variables
reflecting players’ race into the regressions and applying the Ordinary Least Squares method we
could compare the size of the wage premium paid to the representatives of the specific race. The
results of our regressions do not provide sufficient evidence of salary discrimination in any of the
considered leagues.


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