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Impact of the smoking ban on food and beverages services sector sales in the Czech Republic

Author: Bc. Tomáš Mitro
Year: 2019 - summer
Leaders: doc. Petr Janský Ph.D.
Work type: Bachelors
Language: English
Pages: 45
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: The aim of this thesis is to determine whether the smoking ban implemented in May 2017
has had any impact on sales in Czech Republic’s food and beverages services sector. This is done
by constructing three different regression models on two outcome measures in order to examine the
statistical significance of the smoking ban in these models. In two of the three models, the smoking
ban shows no significant effect, while in one model it shows a positive effect. The positive effect,
however, is argued to be partly due to the implementation of EET half a year prior to implementation
of the smoking ban. This thesis can therefore definitely conclude no adverse effect of the smoking
ban on sales in food and beverages services sector.


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