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Determinants of divorce: Evidence from the Czech Republic

Author: Bc. Natálie Kolářová
Year: 2020 - summer
Leaders: PhDr. Jana Votápková Ph.D.
Work type: Bachelors
Language: English
Pages: 80
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: This bachelor thesis examines the determinants of divorce in the Czech Republic. Based
on data on regional statistics that are publicly available by the Czech Statistical Office, it
aims at explaining the variation in the crude divorce rate among the Czech districts and
identifying its most important determinants. The main contribution of the present thesis
is an econometric analysis of the latest panel data. A panel data of 77 cross-sectional units
(districts) observed between 2004-2018 are analysed using a fixed effects panel data
The results of the macroeconomic analysis reveal that the crude divorce rate is
higher in districts with relatively more marriages, abortions and job applicants. Likewise,
higher natural population increase and criminality cause a higher divorce rate. On the
contrary, relatively more physicians and lower education level decrease the divorce rate.
However, the majority of variation explained by the model has roots in unobserved
factors - individual and time effects. Surprisingly, Prague is not recognised as an outlier
since the results appear comparable for both its inclusion and exclusion.


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