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Determinants of Football Players’ Market Value

Author: Bc. Jan Cvrček
Year: 2021 - summer
Leaders: Mgr. Roman Kalabiška
Work type: Bachelors
Language: English
Pages: 58
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: This thesis investigates determinants of football players’ market value in the top
5 European leagues. It focuses on the differences among defenders, midfielders
and forwards. Moreover, it extends the existing knowledge by delving into the
unexplored world of goalkeepers. Using the ordinary least squares method on a
sample from season 2018/19, it finds several significant factors, such as goals,
assists and passes accuracy. The results show that defenders seem to receive
more credit for just joining the match than midfielders and forwards, indicating
that the latter group is thereby expected to bring added value on the pitch.
Furthermore, goalkeepers seem to reach their turning point at the age of 22.4,
which is similar to the field players. Nevertheless, the peak was anticipated to be
distinctly higher for goalkeepers, making this outcome surprising. Lastly, the set
of the significant variables explaining the goalkeepers’ market values comprises,
for instance, received goals to 90 minutes ratio and team rank at the end of the
season, while the proportion of successful saves turned out to be insignificant.
Therefore, their market values appear to be driven to a greater extent by the
overall team performance than by the statistics directly related to them. All the
findings were subject to the robustness check, which suggested no significant
bias by the outliers’ effect.


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