Work detail

Affordability of own housing across regions of the Czech Republic

Author: Bc. Daniel Matoušek
Year: 2021 - summer
Leaders: Petr Pleticha
Work type: Bachelors
Language: English
Pages: 45
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: The main objective of the thesis was to investigate disparities in affordability of own housing across regions of the Czech Republic using three different
approaches. Physical availability was monitored by indicators of Number of
dwellings per 1000 citizens and Number of dwellings per 100 housekeeping
households. Subsequently, the price-to-income ratio was applied to assess financial affordability for flats and for family houses, separately. The empirical
part of the thesis applied first-difference model to uncover the determinants
that could explain the disparities in housing affordability. Thus, only those
variables that reported sufficient variability across regions were included in the
model. As significant determinants of affordability of flats, volume of mortgage
loans, number of finished dwellings, the volume of construction works both in
the lagged and unlagged version of variable, the unemployment rate and the
number of job vacancies were reported


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