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Wage gap between NBA and WNBA

Autor: Bc. Magdaléna Báčová
Rok: 2022 - letní
Vedoucí: Mgr. Roman Kalabiška
Typ práce: Bakalářská
Jazyk: Anglicky
Stránky: 43
Abstrakt: A highly discussed topic of the gender wage gap with a specific focus on
professional basketball in the United States is examined in this study. The research question asks why and how do the salaries between NBA and WNBA
differ. With a final sample of 416 observations from the NBA and 124 from
the women’s league considering the 2021 season only, an econometric method of
Ordinary Least Squares revealed few noteworthy differences in key salary determinants. Namely, athletes’ peak career age, in regards to earnings, is estimated
at the age of 33 in the WNBA and 28 in the case of an NBA player. In addition
to that, while points scored appear to be the key salary determinant in both
leagues, average minutes played and draft outcome seem to have significance
only in the men’s league. Alongside with that, the wage gap is estimated at
98.75%. Theoretical part then summarized differences in salary-settings and
restrictions. An interesting finding is that men athletes may reach the maximum possible salary being equal to 35% of their league’s salary cap, whereas
the highest-paid athletes in the WNBA get hold of 16.5% of the league’s salary
cap only. Additionally, Gini Index of 0.5398 in line with a quantile regression
numerically expressed disproportionate distribution of salaries in the NBA. The
thesis betokens a complex analysis of how the financial evaluation in the NBA
and WNBA currently works.


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