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The Economic Development of Estonia in the Years 1993 - 2002

Author: Bc. Jiří Outrata
Year: 2004 - summer
Leaders: doc. Ing. Karel Půlpán CSc.
Work type: Bachelors
Language: Czech
Pages: 75
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: The aim of this bachelor thesis is to describe the economic development of Estonia in the years 1993 - 2002, to try to discover the causes of Estonian successes and to point out the major problems and possible future threats. First, the historical context and the political development since 1992 are being sketched. The next part deals with the economic transition, describes important reforms and outlines the Estonian privatization.
The core of the thesis consists of the description of the four major macroeconomic aggregates, i.e. GDP, unemployment, inflation and the current account. Apart from their evolution, characteristics and their possible determinants, their mutual relations are being studied. Attention is also paid to the convergence to the EU income level and to the Estonian foreign trade.
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