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Institutional Aspects of Responsibility and Trust

Author: Bc. Vít Horák
Year: 2005 - summer
Leaders: prof. Ing. Lubomír Mlčoch CSc.
Work type: Bachelors
Language: Czech
Pages: 64
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: The theme of the thesis is responsibilty and trust seen from the perspective of institutional economics. My thesis begins broadly with various views on the human individual, mainly from the view of neoclassical and institutional economics. Furthermore the attitude of institutional economics is discussed, including the problem of transactional costs and development of institutions in time. The main part of my thesis is then related to responsibility and trust. The attitudes of the main social science trends are discused and criticized for the most part from the institutional view. The last part is focused on trust, trustworthiness and abiding by the rules and describes the influences on this subject. It finally tries to capture these influences in a model. The results of this model are then compared with the security situation in Czech Republic after year 1989.




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