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The Polish Way of Transformation: Economic and Politic Development from 1956 upto Today

Author: Bc. Olga Kosinková
Year: 2003 - summer
Leaders: doc. Ing. Karel Půlpán CSc.
Work type: Bachelors
Language: Czech
Pages: 66
Awards and prizes:
Abstract: The bachelor thesis on The polish way of transformation: economic and politic development from 1956 up today, maps the situation in which Poland's economy performed during the last fifty years. The main effort is to sum up the problematic and unclear development and offer an integrated view to the reader.
The thesis describes the period before the economic transformation, it's program, and the subsequent economic development up to today including privatization. The emphasis is put on the four main macroeconomic indicators: GDP, the inflation, unemployment, and the balance of payments (together with the development of industrial production and the international trade).
The author focuses on the typical Polish problems -- fractionalism of agriculture, unbalanced industry structure and huge foreign debt. The end of the thesis is dedicated to the expected entrance into the European union and related problems.




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